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Job Procedures

Established work procedures have proven to be beneficial in many ways. They play an integral role in performing jobs safely, providing standardized training and being assistive with investigations.

Job procedures are defined as a step-by-step description of how to proceed, from start to finish, in performing a task properly.

Where confusion seems to run rampant is in determining whether a job requires an actual job procedure or should be considered a "task" which is a segment of work which requires a set of specific and distinct actions for its completion or if it should be a "practice" which is a set of guidelines helpful for a specific type of work that may not always be done in the same way.

Once it has been decided that a job procedure is a requirement, it is then essential to establish a standardized format which should include its purpose, primary audience and review frequency.

Included are two sample procedures that can be reviewed for both format and content.

- Sample Procedure #1

- Sample Procedure # 2

A padmount transformer with a fiberglass base in need of replacement.__Preparing to set the replacement padmount transformer on the new concrete base.__The replacement transformer and concrete base just prior to re-energizeing.

Orangeville Hydro staff preparing to remove a PMH Switchgear and replace it with a PME style unit.The work is done under a Work Permit with temporary portable grounds installed at all sources of dynamic energy.___Preparing to make the High Voltage Elbow and grounding connections at the new PME unit. Upon completion we removed our grounds, surrendered the work permit and then re-energizing the equipment. Everything went without a hitch.



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