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Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are a key component to having an effective health and safety program and in many cases the one concern I have is how effective are these meetings. This is based on the fact that in many cases the person responsible for conducting the meeting has many other responsibilities and thus struggles to produce a quality meeting or in other cases he or she doesn't have the "tools" necessary to meet this goal.

Best Practice & Safety Compliance can assist with this topic in two manners, with the first being that a meeting can be developed to suit your needs based on a chosen topic or recent occurrence. Secondly, we can act in a mentoring role to work with Supervisors or anyone who would like to deliver a safety related topic.

Listed below are some safety meeting topics that have proven to be successful.

Hazards of Electricity and Natural Gas
Electrical Awareness
West Nile Virus
Rescue Practice
Ladder Safety
Potential Indicating Devices
Incident Reviews
Loss Causation
Accident Costing
Winch Line Safety (Hoisting)
Floating Neutrals (Primary Cable)
Summer Hazards
600 Volt Delta

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